Mike2048 Wrote:
Aug 20, 2013 10:12 AM
It does not matter by whom the contract was "ordained". The Courts have been, and always will be, the final arbiters of when a Marriage ends. Judges are granted powers to dissolve a Marriage through a Legislature elected by the People. The People have *clearly* spoken in all 50 States with no-fault divorce. It does not matter if one party wants to follow God's plan for the Marriage. If the other party wants a divorce, then there are legal remedies to take in order to make that happen. Your wife could drag you into court and divorce you. God, Jesus,nor any other omnipotent being could possibly stop it. However, you are then free to remain committed to the Marriage, while she moves on with her life. That is where Religious Liberty comes in. No one's Religious Liberty is infringed with no-fault divorce: the divorced spouse is free to remain committed and not re-marry again. The spouse wanting the divorce is not held to an archaic and Unconstitutional requirement to remain married for life.