Mike2048 Wrote:
Aug 20, 2013 9:28 AM
"Sorry Mike2048, but I disagree with you. Marriage is supposed to be a complete commitment from the man to fix all things with God's enlightenment and make them right without failure and at all personal costs" Tell that to a Judge in a Family Court. "But Your Honor, God says Marriage is supposed to be for life! I have to stay committed to her!" He will say "The Law of this State says otherwise. God does not have any power in my Courtroom. Write your Legislators and get the laws changed. Now, let's talk about dividing the Marital assets" How many people like yourself, as committed ect, have stood before Judges as they signed the Divorce Decree over their objections? How many men have watched their now former wife walk out of Court with her new love? Marriage in the *Government's* eyes is simply a relationship until dissolved by death, divorce or annulment.