Steelpony Wrote:
Aug 20, 2013 9:22 AM
Ms Schlafly Thanks for picking up the story of NC making an effort to right a pile of wrongs done by the last one hundred years of demon-rats control. Pat McCrory R Mayor of Charlotte NC for fourteen years did an excellent job of managing the city and it was a tough job for the dems to get dirt on him. McCrory put Charlotte on the map in a lot of good ways and now putting the State right on many issues that the corrupt dems trashed the Old North State. Purging the vile people like B Perdue D "lets not have elections for a while", tax hike Mike D Governor in court for fruad, John Edwards D President canidate trail lawyer that talks to dead children when suing doctors and hospitals and it goes on and on. i have worked voting precentics.and observed voter fraud attempts, instructing people in line to vote straight tickets, people refusing to give any form of ID trying to vote and bringing "bus loads" of people from other districts to vote. Hopfully this will make a difference for honest people in NC and it looks like the first R controled House and R Governor will bring this State to fresh air and clear the stinch of past 100 years of the foul smell of past leaders