orange71 Wrote:
Aug 19, 2013 11:07 AM
Republicans, so-called "conservatives," are just as much to blame for the CCSSI boondoogle! Many will make billions. Jeb Bush, Exxon, Rupert Murdoch, Gov. Huckabee, Scott, Bill Bennett, and many more, peddle these standards despite ZERO independent, empirical research to support claims of "rigor" or excellence. My kids are not guinea pigs to be data-mined to produce products of the state to fill a workforce. CCSSI represents the worst collusion of corporate, non-profit, and big government at the expense of our children. Most without any accountability to voters. CCSS=Fed Ed. Owned and copyrighted by trade organizations in D.C. Written by some of the most progressive thinkers in education who have no experience in the classroom or writing standards. If you are worried about NSA, please do educate yourself on the P-20 database (cradle to workforce). The data-mining is not attached to the standards but comes with the assessments. Frightening & Orwellian. I'm just as sick of many of the Republicans as I am the progressives all too willing to partner in Statism or sit by and watch it happen with no fight!