umass1990 Wrote:
Aug 19, 2013 11:00 AM
Sometime ago, I wrote a comment about teaching especially young black girls the concept of "chastity". The cycle of illegitimacy, violence, poverty, etc. etc. that plagues black community now & for the lot of years in the future, can be traced black women having babies out of wedlock! Unless, black pastors who care about blacks (that excludes any black politician, NAACP, Jesse, Al & other selfish blacks who profit of blacks being in the same dire situation) & other conservative leaders have to send a strong message to black girls that they can save the black community for generations by simply postponing sex with anybody & everybody - concentrate on school and choose a partner later in their life! I pray that this can be done & black community can be saved. Of course, young black males should also be taught about impregnating young girls & leaving them behind but this is tougher since they see their role models in rap artists, professional athletes having babies with multiple women in multiple cities....the task is much more difficult! I hope religious people in black community (Christians & Muslims) join forces & attack this problem. May be, the next generation of blacks can be saved!!