Jim88 Wrote:
Aug 17, 2013 10:07 AM
Not matter what any of the people in congress say pay attention to how they vote the truth of their ideology is in their votes. Graham and McCain if you check their votes over their careers will tell you they long ago left the Republican Party for the party of their own in their minds. Both today day do more harm than good, but in the final analysis it is left up to the people of their states to correct the wrongs they have done by continuing to send these two back to congress for decades. Tax reforms, and elimination of subsidy programs will correct this continuing reelection of those whose only purpose in the minds of the state voters is how much they bring home each election cycle from the federal government. Eliminate these subsidy programs and change the taxing system and the problem will slowly abate itself and the career politicians will need to get a real job back home since they cannot run on the largesse to the states.