nfaber Wrote:
Aug 16, 2013 1:14 AM
Sure he is. It is HIS policies, regulations, dictatorship when he wants congress to do something and they don't so he does executive orders, demands certain agencies do it for him if he can't. Obamacare is a sick joke, it is an attempt to control our health care and string along the people so they become dependent on government and not independent. To kill the insurance companies and water down the health care system for the middle-poor and the elites that get "high quality and paid by for the taxpayers who don;t get the same kind of care" is NOT OK!!!!!!!!!!!! This bill has nothing at all to do with quality health care for all AMERICANS or keeping cost down. There are so many ways to deliver an awesome health care system, buy across state lines, health savings accounts, tort reform, reform many of the parts of the health care system that need fixed and leave the rest alone. We don't want to die, lose our quality of life and be told that some board who doesn't know us have decided that we don't deserve or can't have certain treatments or care because we are too old, sick.... I am also do not want the government snooping in MY Health care records and that means not the IRS, NSA, DOJ, HHS.... That is an invasion of MY PRIVACY guaranteed to me by the Constitution and Bill of Rights .... and so on. obama doesn't seem to think he has to follow the laws, uphold his sworn duty to protect and defend our Constitution, the rights of the people and retain our freedoms that have been fought for so hard and with so many lives.