Homeschool Mom3 Wrote:
Aug 15, 2013 5:40 PM
Most Americans, even self-labeled conservative Americans, will tolerate all manner of nonsense from public schools for one reason: it's "free." It leaves them in the passive role of consuming what someone else produces.They tell themselves they're paying for it even though they are heavily subsidized by taxpayers for the average $10,000 per child per year cost of K-12 education. Then there are people, an ever increasing range of people all over the political spectrum, who recognize that the solution to that problem is to take on the producer role. They homeschool or participate in various cooperatives for their kids. They tutor and volunteer. They teach in private and church schools. Those teaching in public schools are usually doing so their hands tied, but God bless them for doing the best they can under difficult circumstances. The middle of the road crowd is a savvy consumer because they consume services too but they pay for it 100% on their own in private school tuition, cooperative fees if they choose not to share the teaching, or by hiring tutors themselves. Most who do so are NOT wealthy. In my area you can have a private education at around $5,300 per year K-12. What we really need is to get most parents to stop consuming and get them producing or at least becoming savvy, self-funded consumers. Then they can teach their children how. It means most will have to drastically change their lifestyles, spending habits and priorities. Millions already are.