Riverson Wrote:
Aug 14, 2013 12:22 AM
I remember when I saw a still photo of him winding up to pitch the baseball at the opening game. Grudgingly, I had to admit that he looked good on the mound--that his windup suggested he was quite a ball player. This didn't match my prior perception of him, but honesty demanded that I admit that he looked like a pro. I would have to accept this. It was a few days later when I saw the actual pitch delivered in a video. It had been all wind-up with an embarrassing delivery. All show and no go. Yes, a nightmarishly accurate metaphor for what was coming upon us. Look, I really don't need a talented sportsman for President--I would be happy with a short, fat, bald, ugly guy who was a patriot and qualified. I really don't care about a person's skills at games with chasing, shooting, catching, hitting, & throwing balls of various shapes & sizes. I just want a decent man with good sense as President who is a good leader. Unfortunately, politics remains (1) a beauty contest, (2) an agenda opportunity for leftists in the media & our education system, and (3) a competition to see who is the most promising Santa Claus (aka Robbin[g] Hood).