nfaber Wrote:
Aug 12, 2013 2:18 AM
I agree with a lot of what he said. Too bad he doesn't make the Vet's go to a computer system and cut the duplication in the governmental agencies and programs that would help pay for computers, staff and computer programs to set up a new, more efficient system where there will be little backlog if they do it right. Maybe 3-months instead of years that will help save lives and lots of $'s and save the Vets instead of them feeling like suicide was the only way out, addiction or whatever. It is a crime how they treat the Vets and OBAMA is responsible for the whole damn mess now because he won't step up and do the right things. It is his policies and regulations that are messing up our Country and having a serious affect on the treatment of our Vets. He is implementing policies to take away their rights of religion, speech, cut their medical benefits and upped their cost for insurance, cut back their wages, allow many of them to loose their homes because of all the dancing he is doing around this "it isn't me and I am going to make things better for you", BS. I can't believe he thinks all of us are so stupid, however, I have watched many of the young and some older adults who really are pretty "dumb". Agree others taking other people's rights of speech or religion or whatever not realizing they will lose theirs too. Not know who Reid, Pelosi, Biden ... their own representative or the truth about obamacare... other regulations... scandals with the IRS, NSA, DOJ, EPA... all very uneducated. However they know Palin and can tell you about the dance programs and who is ahead.... Half of our American citizens have no clue who or what they are voting for or who. They just see dem or obama as the first black American... really sad that they don't know how to vote, but these vets do and they are honorable, decent folks who don't deserve to be treated like obama and his administration are doing: it is him, obama that is the root cause of their woes and struggles when they come back home.