nfaber Wrote:
Aug 11, 2013 12:05 PM
HIS POLICIES and REGULATIONS are creating serious problems around the Nation and causing the economy, the people's wages and incomes to drop significantly and widening the gap between the elite and the poor/middle class. Yes, rates for insurance are high and going higher. Obamacare does nothing to contain costs, just cut millions of people out of the "accessibility to quality health care, dropped insurance plans by their employers so they lose access to their own doctors, clinics, hospitals...." If you have to choose between rent and healthcare, food/utilities ... or health care, health care doesn't win at all. I don't know what happened to common sense and reasoning, but it doesn't exist in government or the obama administration or obama himself. Only through competition in the public sector costs are decreased, produces more choices and weeds out those whose quality of care or cost from the market place: government increases inefficiency, cost, waste, fraud, no over site, lack of competition or choices which comes with the private sector. This obamacare has nothing to do with health care services or cost containment: it is control, dictatorship, shifts the power to the government and takes it from the people their access and choices, provides a huge system that is riddled with abuse and fraud with no over site.... The board obama is going to select is one where they come from the academic world, not the one of actual "hands-on" or currently practicing. Sadly, Roberts rewrote the bill so that it now stands as Constitutional, but it should never have passed. As a tax, it never would have passed and only did because like one justice said, "if this passes, it will change the relationship between the We the People to We the Government. The government can now force us to do whatever they want if we don't comply by calling it a tax instead of a penalty which is what this obamacare really is. The best health care system will only be accessible to the "ruling elite and powerful" while denying it to the rest of the small businesses and the individuals. What a surprise that Reid said "we are now closer to a single payer system" which is the intent all along. This will destroy competition, millions more unemployed with the insurance companies gutted just like millions of small business owners because of the taxes, paperwork, new regulations and policies by this administration. The American People need to rise up and stop this nonsense.