stedes Wrote:
Aug 10, 2013 8:52 AM
The author fails to mention how much the ACA and the Patients choice have in common. States would open health insurance exchanges where individuals and small businesses could buy coverage. Insurance plans on the exchanges would have to provide a base level of coverage set by the federal government. Insurers couldn't turn down customers, including because of preexisting conditions (guaranteed issue). Individuals and families would get a refundable tax credit to pay for insurance. That tax credit would be financed in part by limiting the tax exemption on employer-provided insurance. Both plans have some good ideas. Why is full repeal necessary? Republican obsession is causing them to miss an opportunity to tweak and make ACA better. Why is it either or? Why not combine the best of both ideas? For the base, "Patients Choice" is still government run. The problem is you cannot insure every American through free markets alone. The government has to be involved one way or another. And Patients choice is no different in this regard.