nfaber Wrote:
Aug 09, 2013 1:46 PM
From what I understand, they are holding off for a special prosecutor because of Holder (he is who the special prosecutor will be reporting to) and he is in this stuff up to his eyeballs. I want a special prosecutor too and wish he or she could be totally independent, not reporting to the president and DOJ. I think there should be an amendment to this law about special prosecutors where if the WH is involved, they have a neutral person to report to. This entire WH has its hands dirty and we need to clean house and remove ALL of those who support obama, his policies, regulations for businesses, banking...obamacare, changes he made to military policies that included religion as radicals and removing some groups from the terrorist lists, close down a lot of the duplication of programs and send them back to the states like jobs, food stamps, daycare, housing... and eliminate the old, policies and regulations that are barriers to employment or assistance or choosing to obtain an education (trade schools, gaining new skills to compete in the workforce, create a business) that will allow a safety net for the individual and/or families to get a step out and off of assistance for good. First, the obama and other regulations and polices from previous administrations or agencies need to be addressed too. There are so many things we need done, but the foxes guarding the hen house is one of them. Obama, Holder, Reid, Peloi, Murray...Many of the Black Caucus Members...kick out of the corrupt lobbyist who are stealing our money and living the lavish life that none of us will ever have.... Change needs to happen to take our Nation back.