WhatAtThisPointDifferenceDoesItMake? Wrote:
Aug 08, 2013 1:27 PM
I think Hillary reminds a lot of men of their ex-wives. She actually could pass as mine's twin sister. That aside, the true nightmare would not be the mini series, but the seemingly never-ending campaign, the non-stop screeching, and that horrid woman, herself. There is nothing in her to like; nothing at all. Forget her record as a serial rapist enabler. Forget her do-nothing term as a carpetbagging U.S. senator -- from New York -- mind you, her rank pandering to every debauched segment of society, her empty, hollow core, her sheer lack of even a scintilla of morality, and while you are at it, forget that she is a total stranger to the truth. Those are her GOOD points. Imagine, if you dare, another three years of age on this old bag, then ask yourselves if even Old Slick's magic is enough to secure her any place on any ticket in any venue. My guess is that it is not, but frankly, it wouldn't bother me to see NBC sink several million bucks into the failed effort to salvage the screeching old bat.