nfaber Wrote:
Aug 07, 2013 2:20 AM
Yes he is. They need to stop having these commentators from the left or what ever throwing questions out to the GOP nominees. Trying to do the advertisement for a presidential race in this manner reminds me of the movie they were doing for obama just before his reelection, this is dirty and misinformation to distract from her real actions with the deaths of our heroes or denying the protection our people in foreign countries need, or dismissing the deaths as "what difference does it make" should never be ignored. I hate the dirty politics whoever it is. She should never be president and has not earned the right to represent the US. Neither is the guy who is there now. There questions are horrible and most are so out there that they don't deal with the real issues or solutions we need to hear. Dems and media have played the right, using words or phrases out of context and it has been effective. If any of the media, who is in the tank for him, asked the president or hillary hard questions, it would be amazing. It is so obvious from the questions they ask which side of the political party they are on. It is all about them and not about the American People or Our Country. I don't want another president that is lawlessness and loves his audiences more than this Country, hillary is the same way I think. It is time the rep's step up and stop "stepping in the traps" the dems use to win elections. He did say he thought they would go ahead and show the movies of hillary, but we cannot let the American People ever forget our heroes, Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA, EPA,,, obamacare on its way to destroy our healthcare and stealing our food off the tables which she, hillary, was a huge part of.