Lisa179 Wrote:
Aug 06, 2013 9:37 PM
I was DELIGHTED to see the reference to the idiotic ban on DDT. Rachel Carson has a special place in hell for her ridiculous and unsupported claims that were initially embraced by the typical useful idiots on the Left who sit in their brownstones and pass judgment on the lives of people in far away continents. DDT is NOT the cause of soft egg shells. 2nd Fundamentalist it was JUNK science and later admitted to. But because like so many other fake crises ginned up by liberals, once they find a cause the facts do not matter. Where I grew up the forests were destroyed by invading insects that were no longer being killed by pesticides including DDT. Once the forests died they burned. How many birds died as a result of the BAN on DDT? I hope this continues to be published as people are dying needlessly in Africa because of ignorant liberals.