nfaber Wrote:
Aug 05, 2013 2:18 PM
What people do not realize is that if you read the policies and regulations by these program, it would shock you. So many have written, rewritten, not deleted ineffective or outdated policies... hold people hostage if they need to keep a roof over their heads or food on the table or help with keeping their jobs.... There are so many policies that are actual barriers to employment, furthering education, restricting or limiting income and resources, single women are the primary targets because they are the ones who normally are the bread winner, hopelessness, depression, addiction, mental health issues... child support is seldom if ever collected.... If the income levels and allowances of more financial resources to help keep families from falling back onto the welfare roles, you would see a huge difference. Although I am a Dem, I see that there should be a balance assisting people on their feet, but this party of dems (many years now) want to punish those who want to further their education and skills and employment by keeping people down with the threat of losing their assistance which is a meants to control them instead of helping lift them out of poverty. There are many ways this can happen, reducing the huge tax burdens on all and unrealistic limitations on resources or incomes these families can make to qualify for assistance. This is one of the reasons many families lie and hide their money or wages because they cannot make the rent, pay for gas to work or search for work, keep their utilities on... cash assistance won't pay rent. People are without hope thanks to politicians who write policies and clueless about their latent and residual effects on the families, communities and society. Churches, non-profits, charity organizations, job programs (joint efforts with community, colleges, training centers) and daycare all at the local levels would make a huge difference. However, the obama administration wants to regulate every aspect of our lives, the poverty programs are a way to keep control and manipulate those based on fear of going without food, homes, losing their jobs... with the promise of "we will take care of you". The reality is they are taking care of themselves and don't care about those at the bottom. Until these systems are changed and uplifting and promoting success, moving out of poverty, the war on poverty will never end. If the obama administration can keep the dems in power, nothing will ever change and it will only get worse.