John147 Wrote:
Aug 04, 2013 1:12 AM
I think the "phony" mantra is starting to stick with voters. They already ready to forget Benghazi, irs attacks on conservatives, spying on the press, election tampering. Jeez, and now that congress and gove employees have their obamacare subsidized by the taxpayer(per obozo) the only incentive for them to defund it is the threat of being voted out of office! This administration has ruined any semblance of honor that the whitehouse ever had. Obozo makes Clinton look like a choir boy and Nixon look like a saint. And the press continues to be nonexistent even when they aren't exempt from obamacare, nsa spying and their hours are being cut. I don't get it? I just don't get it. A goper jay walks and its cause for impeachment. ugh