USMC 64-68 Wrote:
Aug 03, 2013 12:47 PM
O'Reilly still doesn't want to deal with the real issue. All week long he's been trying to force people into buying into his view that the root cause of today's problems for blacks has to do w/ single parent homes, children born out of wedlock. Well, O'Reilly needs to ask why it is that the homes of black families have fallen apart. Why are women choosing to have children w/ out being married. Why have the dads decided not to leave the home. O'Reilly can identify the beginning of the decline to a point about 50 years ago. However, he won't make the connection, and the connection is glaringly obvious - it consists in the policies of the progressive democrats. Gov't. has rewarded women for having children w/out a father. Gov't has provided cash for babies, for homes, for food, for health care, etc. Gov't has become both mother and father, and they've provided everything while stealing their pride, values, and home life.