Jim88 Wrote:
Aug 03, 2013 8:58 AM
The answer to headline tag of this article in NO! It the federal government's rules and regulations that cause this problem, left alone the free enterprise system would do just fine for all who 'want to participate'. There was a time that the local churches and philanthropic groups took care of their poor or unemployed people in their communities by providing them with sustenance until they could get back on their feet; but then the federal government came along to undermine that process and the CPUSA Socialist Liberals in congress decided the government could do a better job of taking care of these people and subsequently created by legislation an new federal government plantation for those souls to live in, and that plantation includes whites, Hispanics, blacks, etc. it is not a discriminatory plantation all are welcome to the federal government plantation. And remember the federal government can manage things better with our money they tax in the form of taxes and penalties from each of us who earn enough to be taxed and penalized.