anonymous Wrote:
Jul 31, 2013 10:35 AM
The race-baiters know all this. It is no secret to them. However, they don't want to hear it because it doesn't fit their social agenda of driving a wedge into the American system which they hope will force a "civil war" of sorts. They know that it would destroy what's left of any economic progress and be the demise of the middle class. That is the end game of all this. Go back to 2008 and listen to Obama's campaign speeches. He is doing EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what he promised. He knew then that he'd have favored status as the first black president, that black people would see him as being able to do NO wrong and they'd never see him as the culprit of their demise. Black conservatives are demonized and shunned by their own communities, but the sad thing is that with the dumbing down of that sector of the electorate, they do not have the ability to see things in any other light. Their black entertainers and "role models" all keep them on the government plantation through their influence. I've known many wonderful black families over the years, and our kids played together, hunted and hiked together a lot. These kids got an education, did something with their lives. Unfortunately, the majority if kids being raised by single black mothers never make it to HS graduation with any skills (reading, writing, arithmetic, etc.) They graduate to single-motherhood and welfare checks, working at fast-food restaurants, or selling drugs. What choices! And, if they try to do any better for themselves, they are ridiculed by the race-baiters. They are beat down by their own social leaders---and for a reason---control.