Stan330 Wrote:
Jul 30, 2013 10:28 AM
Over the past week, I replied to 3 or 4 RNC fundraising e-mails telling them that they could forget my financial support while leading republicans such as Rubio, Ryan and Cantor were out pushing amnesty for lawbreakers. Solicitations kept coming, so yesterday I called the RNC, got a live human being and told him that A) they were not getting any more money from me and B) that was because of what I was hearing from key republicans. His reply was that the "senate bill is dead." I countered, how can that be with two top House leaders out promoting its worst reature (amnesty,) He said it's dead because Speaker Boehner said it was. Now, there's a comfort! So I asked, well, if that's so, why can't he control two of his top people in leadership? There was only an awkward silence.