Mike2048 Wrote:
Jul 29, 2013 7:37 AM
It defies logic to assume human DNA could come about through natural processes, but it is unscientific to deny god exists when there is no physical proof of him whatsoever? Wouldn't Jesus turning water into wine violate every Law of thermodynamics and chemistry and physics that there is? Converting H2O into CH3-CH2-OH would require a substantial amount of energy because it would be an endothermic reaction. Where did all the extra carbon atoms come from? It takes on the order of 10 MeV in a particle accelerator to fuse hydrogen or helium nuclei, so why wasn't the entire wedding part vaporized as Jesus formed those extra carbon atoms? Making a man blind from birth see would require reorganizing trillions of synapses in the thalamus and visual cortex all at once. Oh and don't forget about the endless fishes and loaves, where the extra matter apparently was created from nothing. Did Jesus use E=MC^2 to convert free energy into that extra matter? If so, would the local temperature have substantially dropped as he extracted the needed energy?