C'mon Man Wrote:
Jul 28, 2013 11:33 AM
Liberals thrive on moral relativism. Liberals live in a universe of ME and are trapped in limbo, neither a child or an adult. Liberals arrested development results in labeling, name calling, inane comments, pointing to other aberrant behavior to justify their own. Liberals personifies the world of a Perpetual Child, never able to use facts, reason and logic for decision making, but rather emotion, feelings, sensations and intuition. Perpetual Children are 'Narcissists', demanding to be the center of attention and so enamored with self, anything or anyone that detracts from them or their childish blurbs, are virulently attacked. Liberals will throw tantrums, similar to a child who prostrates himself on the floor and kicks and screams until one finally accepts his brilliance in defense of their own sanity. Liberals suffer from 'dyslexic logic' and 'myopic reason'. 'dyslexic logic' is simply that all facts are seen 'mirrored' or 'reversed' becoming unintelligible and 'myopic reason' is so narrowed by ideology that Liberals become intellectual Mr. Magoos