Brother Woody Wrote:
Jul 28, 2013 10:16 AM
Perhaps we can save our liberties by mandating proportional voting for all office races, state & federal. Obviously, there's no recourse if we continue to rely on the GOP or Dems who have brought us with impunity to this most dangerous stage of our experiment in self governance. These parties no longer provide the personal or civic virtue necessary to act as our political representatives but only for their self interest. It's the opposite of the virtues that the founders envisioned that would safeguard the rights of the people against a singular, tyrannical govt., which we now have. As long as we political sheeple adhere to the politics ensconced within these political junk brands, we can agree with Hill that the fault lies with ourselves & we deserve every outrage they give us. They're incapable of reform. Are we? Mandate proportional voting results now.