lgoldhammer Wrote:
Jul 26, 2013 7:58 AM
I'm with you! Everything in our news is so negative. I'd love to create a news program that is all positive. Not in a sickeningly sweet way or ignoring bad things that happen. But through every tragedy there are people who step up to have a positive impact, from people showing up on 9/11 with their private boats to get people off Manhattan, to people at the Boston bombing rushing in to help the injured and getting them to safety. Often we don't hear much about them til after the events when folks have moved on to the next travesty being reported in the news. I don't even watch news anymore because I'm tired of the non-news they are reporting. I'm psyched to hear there is training going on out there for kids about money and investing. I hope the new generation will turn our past transgressions around - especially to realize that if the country is run in a manner aligned with our Constitution that they will have more money to save and be more empowered with their wealth and their lives.