Oldsailor65 Wrote:
Jul 26, 2013 7:31 AM
We don't owe a dammed thing to illegal immigrants. We have NO responsibility toward them. They are law breakers...criminals, they don't belong here. We don't need "Immigration Reform", we just need to vigorously enforce the immigration laws that are on the books. Close the borders, use E-Verify, fine employers who knowingly employ illegal immigrants and DEPORT all illegals that are caught. Why not adopt the same immigration rules that Mexico uses? We dammed sure don't need any more people on welfare. Do away with birthright citizenship and family reunification. If they want to live with their relatives then go to the country where they are and live with them. To allow Muslims to immigrate to the USA is like allowing a Trojan Horse into the country. They don't want to become US citizens. Any immigrant who does not want to assimilate and become a US citizen should not be allowed in the country.