kimosd1 Wrote:
Jul 24, 2013 12:37 PM
I don't know what trial this guy watched but this article is not factual and can only assume it is on Townhall to be ridiculed and picked apart. He was never told "Do not follow.", the dispatcher told the court that they have no authority to order a citizen to do anything, he was told that the police were on the way and that they "don't need you to do that". This writer is making up facts as goes along in his ridiculous attempt to show that a WHITE-hispanic with evil intent stalked and shot "poor little Travon like a doog". Zimmerman was part of a group that decided to form a community watch because they were tired of having criminals break into their homes and Travon was a young kid that because he was being watched decided to go back and do some woopass on a cracka, only the cracka had a gun. This writer has no perspective on a life and death situation like this and has obviously never been in a fight or flight situation where you could loose your life. Probably because of all that "white privilege" he grew up with.