Molly Zin Wrote:
Jul 24, 2013 4:09 AM
6. Martin was "frightened"? Why didn't he run home, lock all the locks and call 911? Martin didn't do that. Instead, he circles Zimmerman's car, staring intimidatingly, then skips away into the dark. He tells his friend Jeantel that he has arrived at his dad's girlfriends house, but instead of going in, he has Jeantel check the TV to see if the game has started yet. Doesn't sound "frightened" to me, sounds like he's wondering if he'll miss the the kickoff if he takes the time to give this "creepy a-- cracka" who dared to look at him suspiciously an "a-- whoopin'." 7. Burly? Zimmerman was a short, geeky guy, hardly "burly". Martin towered over him, as we know by the 7-11 cameras and the cardboard cutouts in the closing arguments. 8. Zimmerman's injuries were entirely consistant with his life being threatened, as were his 45 seconds of screams on the 911 calls. He wasn't just lying there passively while Martin beat him up, he was struggling, squirming, screaming, trying get away. Have you ever tried fighting for your life? You can only fight for so long before you're completely spent. And when Martin felt the gun under his leg, realized what it was and reached for it, Zimmerman knew he had to get it first or he was dead. 9. During the "wrestling match" Martin had Zimmerman overpowered and was on top holding him down, pummeling him and banging his head on the sidewalk. There was no question that Martin was the stronger of the two. Do you think for one second that if Zimmerman tried to "train the gun on Martin", Martin wouldn't have just grabbed it away and shot him with it? 10. The forensic evidence showed clearly that the gun was NOT pressed into Martin's chest, the sweatshirt was draped against it, but Martin's chest was several inches away from the muzzle, consistent with everything Zimmerman said. 11. If he wanted to kill Martin, why wouldn't Z just do it while he supposedly stalked him? Why wait until Martin had broken his nose and banged his head till it split open and bled? Why would he scream desperately for help for 45 seconds first? Or assuming you believe that Martin was the one screaming despite all the evidence, why would he allow Martin to desperately scream for help for 45 seconds before shooting him? The fact is, it was Zimmerman who was being beat up, Zimmerman who screamed for help, and Zimmerman who restrained himself from pulling the gun until he had no other choice. This article is a joke.