mark4967 Wrote:
Jul 23, 2013 9:30 AM
NOW we know that Trayvon was using a drug cocktail known as Lean. Two of the three ingredients were on him that nigh, the basis for going to the store. The watermelon drink, skittles, and codiene or Robitussin make up this narcotic. It leads to psychosis, paranoia, agitation and aggresive behavior. The prosecution knew this and with held the information. You can be sure the feds will no longer pursue this case. The narrative of an innocent fourteen year old had been trumped by the true narrative of a seventeen year old thug who was kicked out of school for fighting and found to have a burglary tool and stolen jewelry upon him at school. Wake up America. Ask yourself, why? Why does the media continue to divide us based on race? Because they are part of the powers that be that want a new world order and must dismantle or destroy this nation to achieve said end. That's the truth. Prepare wisely, educate others and network with those who have eye's to see. The police state is upon us, never surrender.