joQQeb Wrote:
Jul 22, 2013 11:05 AM
Cities like Detroit, Chicago, Oakland, Santa Fe, and San Francisco. Just like States like Illinois, California, and Massachusetts are all laboratories of liberal/progressive democracy. The liberal/progressives took a stranglehold on these municipal governments a half-century ago and began ‘raising’ the supposed standards of living by ensuring ‘closed-shop’ union jobs with sky-high salaries & pension costs. Fast-forward 50 years and the liberals all feel great about what they’ve done. They’ve also moved on to other cities to begin the destructive cycle all over again: Only the picked-over carcass of the city remains. And the constituents they supposedly said they did all this for are living in a post-apocalyptic hell that would make a good set for a “Road Warrior” movie. The only thing the City Council can do is complain about the Mayor because, in the words of one black democrat city council woman's words; “He refuses to go to Washington DC, meet with the President, and bring home the bacon…” Now that the house of cards has completely collapsed, it is NOT Thier fault! It's those mean, nasty republicans that somehow convinced all those people to move out of that hell-hole of a city and stop feeding the tax & spend government. "Ifonly it was illegal for those working people to freely move out of our COntrol!" the democrate lament.