Tony3069 Wrote:
Jul 22, 2013 9:21 AM
It is in Walmart’s best interest to offer employment opportunities in such a way as to encourage appropriately skilled employees to forgo other alternatives and work for Walmart. This encouragement can be a combination of wages, benefits, work environment, flexibility, among other things that one might considers when choosing a place of employment. Only economic ignorance can explain why someone would want to vilify Walmart for providing the best employment alternative for the people who choose to work at Walmart. Why are they not vilifying the convenience store for offering slightly higher wages but on a night shift that many might feel to be unsafe? Or what about the construction job that pays an hourly wage that is 60% higher but is currently inactive due to the depressed economy? Or what about the $60,000 a year job as a Radiation Technical that most Walmart employees are not qualified to perform? And let’s not forget about the factory job that offers better pay and benefits but is 45 miles away from home.