Troy152 Wrote:
Jul 22, 2013 8:32 AM
The thousands of people marching and protesting that a Hispanic man should be in jail or on death's row because he shot a young man while trying to protect himself while just doing his job should be ashamed of themselves..The president of the United States and our AG which are lawyers should hide their faces because they know or should know the history behind this young man....The MSM know's this man's history but will not print the truth because it would show just how far they will go to get a story,They will lie about the truth....The MSM has really gone overboard on this reporting,they have lied to the world about what happen...The MSM must really hate Hispanics why is the question the protesters should be asking the MSM and our president....What has the Hispanics done to deserve this?Is this a preview of what the Hispanics can expect from our president and the MSM?sThis can't be about this man being half white because the president is half white..So it has to be because he is an Hispanic....So why does the MSM want to paint this as a white thing?It can't be because of Zimmerman part white because then they would be talking about the president to...........Maybe the MSM needs to explain what their motive really is......It can't be because Martin was black because black kids gets killed in Chicago just about every day..It can't be about guns because our ATF sold guns to the Mexican drug cartels and was rewarded by the it can't be be because Zimmerman was half Hispanic because the AG approved Hispanic having guns or he must have because his employees got raises or promotions for the selling the guns.which killed men women and children by the hundreds...So just what is this really about MSM?