Stan Marsh's Grampa Wrote:
Jul 21, 2013 4:23 PM
In my lifetime I have seen the US go from very prosperous to beyond bankrupt. The key to it is liberalism. We used to have mineral and resource extraction industries that provided jobs and raw materials. Now those have closed, and if you try to open one, the lib stooges that shut it down will sue, protest, and vandalize. We used to have steel mills and refineries that turned those resources into oil and steel. Those have been killed off, and if you try to open one, the liberals will stop it. We used to have small businesses that made tooling, specialty equipment, and infrastructure equipment, but those were killed off by endless democrat regulation, and can not be revived. We used to have taxes and tariffs at the border that equalized the cost of US made goods and foreign made sweat shop goods, but the liberals are against that too. Now we are reduced to a country that paints each others houses and sell each other hamburgers and insurance. That is what killed Detroit, and as Detroit goes, so goes the US.