RickCaird Wrote:
Jul 21, 2013 9:40 AM
What a silly comment. Of course the idea of single payer is refutable. We dio not spend 2.5x what other countries spend. That is nonsense. We are also in the forefront of R&D in procedures, devices, and drugs. The rest of the world are free riders on our spending. That has nothing to do with single payer. The idea that government can do things cheaper than private companies is refuted by the history of capitalism. UPS and Fed Ex do a much better job of delivering packages than the USPS. Medicare is far more expensive (because they barely try to control fraud) than private companies plus private insurance companies offer programs like 24 hour nurses that Medicare does not. Finally, corporations do not get rich unless they offer a product or a service that people want. Private corporations need you. Government forces you to join at the point of a gun. The worst possible pension plan is Social Security. For almost all of us, we will never get back what we put in. Your who post was nonsense on stilts.