ThomasHamilton Wrote:
Jul 18, 2013 3:38 PM
I see two things wrong with the woman dresses provocatively and therefore she is asking to be raped First the analogy to the TM/GZ case is that it would be like zimmerman followed a hot woman for a couple of blocks than the woman confronted zimmerman, zimmerman told her she was hot, the woman gets freaky with him, they then bump pelvises zimmerman and said lady of the night forget to use a rubber. Latter on the woman finds out she is pregnant has an abortion and than tries to sue zimmerman because he made her have an abortion. Second People that are not aware of their surroundings fall victim to criminals you should always be on the hunt for criminals if you look like a criminal than expect to be treated like one because criminals do bad things. Women that dress in scant clothing can't hurt anyone. The comparison is invalid.