lgoldhammer Wrote:
Jul 18, 2013 7:11 AM
Funny - the liberals hearts bleed for everyone's plight, unless they are negatively impacted by the way in which to help them. I'm on the board of my condo, and am the only conservative. The board keeps wanting to fix 50 years of neglect in 3-5 years and I keep pushing back saying the people who originally bought in here paid $20-30k - they aren't rich, they may have to loose their homes to keep up with these assessments. Their response is "if they can't afford to live here they have to leave". Really? We're in the cheapest town in the county and one of the cheapest condos in town - where do they go? I guess if they can't afford bread they should just eat cake instead.... I'm ok with making progress, but we should be responsible in our initiatives.