pga301 Wrote:
Jul 18, 2013 4:26 AM
It sad and it says a lot that even people who aren't partisan left can't get the facts straight. I find it frustrating that people on the side of Zimmerman still WANT to place some blame on him and so keep the Martin family and attorney myth alive that Zimmerman confronted Martin and followed him after being told not to do so. He was following Martin Mrs. Hollis when the person told him he didn't need to track him anymore and COMPLIED he was CONFRONTED RETURNING TO HIS TRUCK. He never CAUSED a confrontation with Martin. Martin attacked him to take him out so he couldn't see where he lived. I know its tough to place the whole blame on Martin but using your uterus to be some fair mommy is wrong. Get it straight or don't write articles about the "lessons you supposedly learned" you need to preach to the rest of us who actually know the trial facts.