flfan Wrote:
Jul 17, 2013 11:00 AM
I am so saddened by this story going on. The media needed a good race baiting story after they destroyed Herman Cain in DEC 2011. Face it, they were afraid of Herman, and he didn't fit the reelection of their hero. That incident told me they would do anything to protect and serve obeyme. Someone, somewhere saw the name Zimmerman and decided the story (before verifying his "whiteness" and ran with it. By the time obeyme looked in the camera with his, "If I had a son" comment the black community and many liberals had latched on to his guilt without any facts. Racisim does exist to this day, yes, but the main reason to stir the hate was for votes. That the media and president used Trayvon then, and continue so, is sickening. Why would Sharpton, profess to be a Christian, and keep the hate going? Because perception is truth. Because hate brings in money. I am sorry Trayvon was killed, I wish his father would have taken him to the front office and introduced him to staff and the neighborhood watch the day he moved in. If I were attacked, I may do the same thing as GZ. The civil rights of GZ have been attacked by the media, the prosecution, the DOJ, the judge, the president and now the NAACP. We as "Americans"...no hyphen, need to quit letting the govenment get a handle on us by division. Divide and Conquer over every single issue will bring us down. For me, it is about following the law of God, we are all brother's and sisters. Lets start living like it by being responsible, obeying the law, extending a hand and everyone quit walking around with a chip on their shoulder.