Kaedis Wrote:
Jul 16, 2013 1:55 PM
When I was in the military I went through a school for training soldiers to become NCOs, (Sergeants). The class I was in was half white, the other half a mix of Latino and African American. The teacher was a female, African American Staff Sergeant. Keep in mind, we were being trained to be leaders in the U.S. Army, returning to our units to take charge of soldiers of every race. The teacher asked the class, "Has anything changed in America since the days of slavery?" One African American male student replied, without a second thought, "No." This was the answer the teacher was looking for. I was dumbfounded. I realized that once one admits the world has changed, they admit that they must change themselves. Those that see themselves set against the world do not want to change, because this would mean taking responsibility for issues in their lives they would rather lay at the feet of someone else. It is far easier to face failure when you came prepared with an all encompassing excuse. I do remember the same student remarking that he was sick of white people saying they are not racist just because they have a black friend. I replied I was sick of being called racist just because I am white. Dennis Prager is correct. Nothing will change until we address the true roots of racial hatred, and stop giving those who propagate it a never ending list of excuses.