ngray Wrote:
Jul 16, 2013 12:33 PM
For the rest of the story...he was not a "kid" he was a thug and want-to-be-gang member. On his cell phone they had pictures of piles of woman's jewelry..oh no. maybe he was part of the break-ins?? I have watched from the very beginning..! Zimmerman was on his way back to his truck when Martin approached him and then slugged him in the face..fact! So much facts were withheld via outside the area prosecutor Angela Corey(known for her extreme left positions politically and corruption) the DOJ kept pushing until they found who they wanted to "push" for a charge she withheld the information to the judge to get a 2nd degree charge, even though the FBI found nothing to charge Zimmerman on. They skipped going to the Grand Jury to see if there was a charge that was viable! This was ALL for political and race-baiting by the left to use for their agenda!! Trayvon was a thug in the making, yet the fools in this country are getting behind this and their "fake" image they are pushing. THIS is where Americans really have to look ..just a little deeper..WHY is this administration and his state ran "news" organizations pushing for riots! It is all about agenda..folks..take a real look!