Mark1853 Wrote:
Jul 16, 2013 9:24 AM
Common Core sounds like something I "might have" suggested" when I was in Junior High, wasn't overly interested in any of my classes. Although several of the teachers were teaching what seemed to be far above anything I believed I'd ever need. For instance, in "Basic" Geography, (even now), I'd expect to learn the names and locations of the countries and the Continents, the names and locations of major bodies of water, (Oceans and Seas), and about the general features fo the land in a State or Country. Well, that wasn't exactly the curriculum. We immediately started trying to understand . . . (if memory hasn't failed sine the mid 80's), how to recognize and draw elevation (Contour) lines. Somehow, I always thought that should have been left for later.Or maybe in Biology 101, where we were already learning the various phylum (1) A taxonomic rank at the level below Kingdom and above Class in biological classification, especially of animals.(2) A group of Classes with similar distinctive characteristics. [Mer riam Webster Dictionary]. If that confused me, I wonder how many of my classmates were equally confused. While that many be important, it doesn't sound like Introductory J.H.S. Biology to me. Where English is concerned, I wish we'd been introduced to some American Literature, (grade specific), instead of learning how to diagram sentences, which I vaguely remember doing, and haven't needed to do since that class. All that said, dumbing down the curriculum to create a generations of ignorant people, so they can be easily controlled is wrong. Therefor, each State legislature Must demand under the 10th Amendment,“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”, that the Power of their School Boards to set Curricula be restored, and that the Department of Education be closed, and dismantled. I’ve heard from former teachers how No Child Left has caused problems, and C.C. is simply the final step in destroying the best educational system in the world. We're loosing everything the founders of the countries Schools gave us, and it Must Stop, or soon we truly won't know what it is to be American. Down with learning “Facilitators”, and Up with Teachers!!!