Seventeen76 Wrote:
Jul 15, 2013 11:52 PM
My church meets in a beautiful, stately, historic structure on a high point in the community overlooking a gorgeous mountain landscape. Photographers, artists, and filmmakers over the years have used our church as a centerpiece for their work. We have long allowed non-members to host weddings and wedding receptions and as long as they are willing to meet our criteria, we charge them nothing. If they fail to meet our criteria, they are not allowed to use our church. We are very concerned that the use of our church for weddings will now have to be restricted to our members only. While that might be an incentive for young couples to join our church, it is still a very sad and very real prospect. Do you honestly think we will escape some kind of lawsuit from a gay couple seeking to hold their wedding here? Redefining marriage clearly has no benefits for our society as a whole. Sad days, indeed.