lgoldhammer Wrote:
Jul 15, 2013 8:41 AM
I LOVE to read what Starr Parker and other black conservatives write! I read them all first. I fear for the trend of the low-income black people in this country. The huge decline in the culture they are creating for themselves. They need to hear conservative principles, values and ideas from other black conservatives: writers, politicians, community organizers, etc. I see so many young black people falling into what Hollywood as created as "cool" or negative stereotypes that are emulated, and watch them throwing their opportunities away. My cousin's daughter is in Teach for America and is teaching in a low income school in Las Vegas. I talked to her last night and what she's experiencing there is horrific! She has a 2 year commitment, and she's doing a wonderful job and getting improved results from the kids. But it's so frustrating and depressing. Why would she want to stay beyond the 2 years? We've created a monster. Every other minority group is moving up, but the black minority is moving down. And they blame white people for it. As a white person, nothing would make me happier than to see this trend change. It reminds me of "My Fair Lady" where the professor takes a cockney girl and changes the way she walks, talks and acts to get her accepted by a different part of society. It's still true today: you can walk, talk and act different and expect to be treated the same. Not sure that will ever change.