aferndale Wrote:
Jul 15, 2013 8:34 AM
I've lived in CA for the last 29 years, started a business in San Francisco and currently own four houses here. The first of those houses just sold and the next will be going on the market in a few weeks. CA has been brought to its knees by illegals invading this state. When I came to CA it was a rich state now bankruptcy is just a breath away. Americans should take a hard look at CA because if this travesty of an immigration bill passes the mess that has engulfed CA is headed for you too. Crime, failing schools, overwhelmed hospitals, bankruptcy, high unemployment can come to your town too. In a matter of weeks my family will flee CA, we will sell the remaining properties from another state, one with better schools, less crime& a pro business attitude, but wherever we are we will continue to oppose people like Mr Baretto who serve big business, but care nothing about the America you and I live in.