MJ117 Wrote:
Jul 14, 2013 12:23 PM
The reason electric (more than half COAL's FAULT) is still high IS NOT THAT IT SHOULD BE HIGH... the electric industry is protected by utilities commissions and they WASTE MASSIVE NIGHTTIME ASSETS, that WE WOULD HUGELY BENEFIT FROM.. night assets are nearly HALF OF WHAT WE PAY FOR, YET DON"T GET **ANY** BENEFIT FROM... b/c COAL IS LAZY IN MANAGING.. As for the price tag on the carbon fiber technology, the geometry of the designs, simplification of the production costs makes up for the price of the materials.. AMORY LOVINS EVEN GAVE AWAY THE PATENT OPPORTUNITIES, YET THE CORRUPTED LAZY AUTO INDUSTRY STONEWALLED OUR OPPORTUNITY FOR SAFER CARS THAT USED WASTED ASSETS... blast detroit... ttyl