Monstermash Wrote:
Jul 13, 2013 3:48 PM
"" My Sis and I talked yesterday. This is why the GOP needs to be worried. I have told her I am no longer GOP and will never be fooled again. She thought I was whacked. "Why would you let a Democrat win?" she always replied. Well, yesterday, she finally said, "_____, I get it. I do now. These RINOs are not real and I am disgusted by Paul Ryan and the dishonesty of these others." So, GOP, you really are DOA. I cannot bear the sight of you. Now my sister cannot. And the kicker is she is only medium level politically involved. That is, if SHE hates you now, well, word is really getting around that you do not stand for jack and that you sell our your base as the slavemassahs sold their cargo down the river. We are on to you people. Seriously. Do not underestimate this going forward. So go ahead and let 30 million new illegals in. Go ahead. You will remain the minority party for decades. Sure, I suppose the RINO leaders will remain rich and connected and politically alive. That is how they survive. But the party will die.