Monstermash Wrote:
Jul 13, 2013 2:08 PM
One more thing . . . it is not correct and rather laughable to assume that colleges and universities are embarrassed about these things. It shows why we get our butts kicked. They are these days PROUD to have these savages and thugs out there worshipping Trayvon and their Leftist claptrap. It is laughable to think that these fools in these universities, even the administrators, care about this. I know several, and they LAUGH at the conservative "nitwits" who complain. This is why the game is over. Even Townhall does not get the real nature of what we are up against. It is SO OVER. DONE. FINISHED. If people grasped reality, they would beg for colleges to be shut down, or at least defunded and prevented access to public money (that is, taxes from you and your kids). Even Townhall fails to get it. We are so DONE.