lgoldhammer Wrote:
Jul 11, 2013 10:14 AM
The solution to the health care problem is simple: return to what was working before it became a problem: MAJOR MEDICAL INSURANCE! In 1984 I joined the Navy. Before going in, it cost me $25 for an OB/GYN appointment. When I got out 4 years later the cost was $150! What happened? HMO's. Medical insurance wasn't made to cover all medical visits, and more than car insurance should be used for oil changes, new transmissions, etc. Car insurance is for unplanned accidents. Health insurance should return to being used for unplanned high cost situations, like an operation or disease. Getting rid of HMO's would return us to free markets which would decrease costs 80% or so. The high cost of medical care today is to cover all the extra people to process the paperwork. It also removes our freedom to choose our doctors, and to decide for ourselves when we need to go to the podiatrist. I have having to go to a doctor to prescribe me to go to a doctor I already know I need to go to! End HMO's = end health care problems!!! (also, when I was quoted $150 for a doctors visit in 1988, my major medical insurance was only $57/month. Only making $5-6/hour I could still afford my insurance.)