Tina Trent Wrote:
Jul 10, 2013 8:02 AM
You're right, and Matt Towery is right regarding messaging. But he and too many others don't see the destructive effects of the pressure placed on these groups by disdainful RNC consultants and the libertarian national groups that take far too much credit for the energy and activism of individual Tea Party groups. In Florida, arguably the most important swing state for Republicans in the election, the nationals created a losing campaign strategy and were far too cozy with Jeb Bush and contemptuous of social conservatives. It took a toll and probably cost us the state. After the election, they colluded in betraying the base once again by slyly claiming to be sitting out the immigration debate -- which is tantamount to supporting the Gang of Eight's amnesty. Worse, they have pressured activists to not oppose the bill while feigning neutrality. I have heard whispering about crazy Christians and purported failures to "value diversity" and other ugly nonsense better suited to be coming from leftists. The task for the Tea Party is, unfortunately, to come to terms with all the people who are trying to silence them, including those who have stood with them on other messages. The betrayal of two-bit hacks like Marco Rubio is painful, but it has to be confronted. Likewise, they need to confront those in the libertarian wing who are in bed with Jeb Bush and the beltway consultancy RINOs. The problem with the Tea Party is that they're too decent for the sort of political manipulations being thrown at them by the left and some on the right. It's a good problem to have, but also a hard one.